Carpet Cleaning For Healthy Living

Carpet cleaning, for stains removal, appearance improvement, dirt removal, and removal of any other allergens it is achieved by the use of certain methods. When carpets are well maintained and cleaned regularly, they become more appealing, they also last for long and they are also healthier. It is advisable to ensure that your carpet is kept clean at all times. There are many methods that can be used to clean them at home or even take them to cleaning experts that could be near you.

Importance Of Cleaning

Most homeowners regularly assume their carpets are clean because they simply look clean. These carpets might look spotless but they have collected dust, germs or even soil that might be below the surface. There are many important reasons for ensuring that your carpet is clean. One of these reasons is that it helps you in saving your money. Carpets have become very expensive, one should consider cleaning them regularly as it helps in keeping them in good condition, and also money protection that you spent buying it. It is easier to clean your carpets rather than purchasing a new one.

Secondly, one should ensure his/her carpet is clean so as to make the smell of the carpet better or maintain it. This also helps in making the house have a better smell. This is mostly experienced in homes that have pets within or might have children who regularly vomit or even urinate on the carpet leaving an awful smell in the house. Carpet cleaning company should be done regularly since it is crucial, also the use of steam cleaning is a better option if one is in need of a fresh and good smelling carpet in their houses. So, visit their website today at

Another importance is that it helps in the prevention of spreading bacteria. Frequent cleaning and maintaining of carpets help in preventing carpets from injuring your health status as well as that of your loved ones. Carpets are breeding areas for bacteria and they can easily expose people to very dangerous pollutants. Cleaning is essential especially if one have pets or children in the house. By cleaning them it helps in improving the morale of the people that are living in the house as the house feel clean and fresh. It helps in removing stains and spots which are beneficial in protecting them from damage.

Cleaning Tips From Pros.

Carpet cleaning is very crucial in many homes and there are many ways in which this can be achieved. One should consider vacuuming the carpet once in a week, this is because a great percentage of the dirt easily removed by regularly vacuuming it. One should consider using a pile grain that is mostly used in removing any surface soils that could be found in the carpet. This can be achieved by going against the grains in order to remove the deeper ones and also the particles that have been embedded.

Another tip for maintaining your carpets is by rotating the furniture in the house regularly. It is more helpful in preventing that your carpet wears out, and also soils at same positions. There should also be the use of mats inside and outside the house so as to reduce dirt that gets to the carpet. Before and after cleaning the carpets, one should consider vacuuming it well is also helpful in removing any soil particles that could not have been removed before. After cleaning the carpets, one should not walk on them or replace the furniture until they are thoroughly dry.

How Does The Teaching Agency Melbourne Work?

The Teaching Agency Melbourne is regulated by the qualified teachers so they have the experience in the field of education. They know the ways to handle the situation when dealing with schools and teachers so they focus on providing support to the schools and teachers. Jobs related to secondary, primary, Childcare or other education staffs are provided by the teaching Agency and of course, the jobs are recommended by analyzing the CVs of the teachers and other job seekers. You will be able to gain many advantages such as;

  • You will be able to find the best opportunities through them
  • You will be able to get career guidance
  • You will be able to get access for E-library
  • You will receive feedbacks
  • You will get support from a mentor
  • You will receive teaching practice
  • You will have connections with the education sector
  • Foreign employment opportunities
  • You will be able to save the time and energy.

The Mission Of The Agency

Their aim is to provide innovating teaching ideas and practices. They will also search for the best-suited job opportunities to offer the teachers and best teachers to the schools. Their overall aim is to improve the educational field.

Their Core Values

They provide proper communication and support for the job seekers and proper information for their clients. They work as a team so it gives more strength to support the educational level of the students and the outcome is also better. When they offer mentoring programs to the teachers it will improve the level of performance of the teachers so it will increase their recognition in the field of education. The staffs in the Teaching Agency Melbourne have the complete knowledge on the background of the schools so they can easily find CRT replacements. The schools gain quality services since the staffs will work on finding the best teachers who eligible for the position. The overall outcome is the students’ educational success their only aim is to provide quality education.

They Are Specialized In

The Teaching Agency Melbourne is providing the best services to the field of education since it bridges both best schools with the best teachers so the productivity can be increased. They specialize in to provide services to the CRT contract based teachers. CRT means casual relief teachers so they specialize in finding CRT teachers so the education of the students will not be crippled due to the holidays of the permanent contract based teachers. They maintain their professionalism when providing services yet they also extend personal services by providing mentoring programs and feedbacks to the teachers. They assure the teachers by providing the best-suited job vacancies for their qualifications and skills and on the other hand, they meet the requirements of the schools as well. Their professionalism is appreciated by most of the clients and of course, teachers are being benefited immensely by the services of the Teaching Agency Melbourne. So, this is the work of an agency which caters the needs of the schools and teachers.

Gynectrol Reviews: The Best Gynecomastia Pills On The Market

Do you feel uncomfortable about having a male breast? Do you feel the embarrassment with your chest that seemed to remain great even though you do many exercises in the gym? If this is your condition then you should take Gynectrol . Male Breast Pills is a Gynectrol latest gynecomastia pills produced to treat gynecomastia safely. It is formulated from natural components, which is why the possible negative impact is very small, otherwise zero. By using these gynecomastia treatment pills, you can decrease the amount of fat cells around your chest area and get you appear to be more manly.

What Is Gynectrol Male Breast Pills?

Gynectrol is an innovative food supplement that is specially prepared to accelerate the weight loss process. Target the fat cells around the chest. The goal is to decrease male breast safely and quickly.

Do not Buy Gynecomastia Pills Before Reading This Male Breast Pills Gynectrol Reviews: The best gynecomastia pills on the market to find how this pill can help in solving your illness. In this review of gynectrol, you will be given information about what is Gynectrol, the ingredients of Gynectrol, the benefits, dosage, what customers and where to buy Gynectrol online.

Natural Pills For The Ingredients Gynecomastia Gynectrol

The ingredients in these male breast pills are designed to accelerate the process of burning the body fat. By burning the body fat at a faster rate, you can decrease fat cells around your chest quickly and safely. After a few months of using these pills, you can have a flatter breast. It should be noted that all components of Gynectrol are 100% natural, therefore there is almost no risk of it being able to cause any side effects.

Here Is The Detailed Ingredient List On Gynectrol:


Chrome assists in building muscle and burning fat. This claim has been found in many researches such as those organized by scientiest at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.


Guglesterone activates the thyroid glands, they make a catabolic effect in the adipose system. This causes you to burn fat faster.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has alkaloids and flavonoids, which are powerful in burning fats. Green tea also has scleroids which have thermogenic characteristics. This is why it can be used as an effective fat burner.

Thebromine Cacao

Thebromine cocoa is abundant in L-arginine to aid in the creation of testosterone and muscle building.

5 Things To Know Before Giving Birth

You are about to give birth and you still have doubts and, perhaps, a little fear. Quietly, we explain the five basic aspects that you should know about the phases of childbirth and what it entails giving birth.

From the eighth month of pregnancy, and sometimes even before, the uterus contracts and hardens on certain occasions, as you may notice if you place a hand on your belly. This phenomenon, which is not associated with a real pain, but rather with mild discomfort, is considered a kind of training through which the uterus prepares for the big day delivery. Generally, these contractions occur in response to the baby’s sudden movements inside the belly.

If you have reached this stage of pregnancy, you are probably worried about the time of giving birth and everything related to it: epidural, labor pain, types of childbirth, influence of the moon … Possibly go To a course of preparation to childbirth in which you will clear all doubts.

However, on some occasions, the information you receive is so much that you can overwhelm rather than reassure yourself. Do not worry, then we will detail the five basic premises that you should know and take into account before giving birth. Take note!

  1. Knowing How To Identify The Dilation Stage

The dilation begins with the known labor contractions, the appearance of which announces the beginning of labor. The dilation phase aims to get the uterus to contract until the cervix expands about 8-10 cm, which represents its maximum opening. Only when the cervix dilates, can the baby come out of the uterus. But how to identify this first phase of childbirth? The first contractions occur at irregular intervals, last for a few seconds and are accompanied by pain similar to that normally felt during the first days of menstruation. With the passage of minutes, the pain gains in intensity and appears at regular and short intervals.

  1. It Is Time To Go To The Hospital When:

  • Contractions started two hours ago.
  • Between one contraction and another it is less than a quarter of an hour.
  • The intervals between the contractions pass in a number of minutes always equal.
  • The pain is intense and is associated with a feeling of heaviness in the lower part of the belly and back pain.
  • The rupture of the amniotic sac and the ejection of the liquid take place.
  1. In The Hospital, First Of All, Patience

If the hospital is more than 30 minutes away, it is advisable to go ahead of schedule, when the contractions begin to appear at intervals of 20 minutes. Once you reach the hospital, it may be several hours before the baby is born. So you have to be very patient and not nervous. To feel less pain, you can take a shower, as the water relaxes and gives you a great feeling of well-being. It is also very helpful to walk slowly through the halls of the future dad’s arm, the future grandmother, the sister or someone you trust. If you are hungry, eat some cookie, but do not abuse it. Avoid drinking cold drinks.

  1. During The Expulsive Phase: Breathing Well And Being Guided

The expulsive phase begins when the cervix reaches its maximum expansion. It is a rather short step, though, certainly, difficult for the mother. However, it must be faced without fear, thinking that it is the last stage of childbirth, after which comes the moment of maximum happiness when finally seeing the baby’s face. The expulsive phase is characterized by the appearance of the pushing impulse. It is advisable, when the time comes, to always follow the matron’s instructions, breathing properly (breathing deeply before pushing and superficially when doing so).

  1. After Birth, The Placenta Needs To Be Expelled

When the baby’s head begins to see through the vaginal canal, the worst has passed and the pain disappears as if by magic. After a few seconds, the baby emits its first cry. However, for the mother there is still an important stage to finish: the expulsion of the placenta. With the expulsion of the placenta, the delivery has ended. Finally, the gynecologist may decide to sew certain areas of the vagina if, for example, an episiotomy has been performed, the small cut that is sometimes done at the entrance of the vagina to facilitate the passage of the baby.

Intra-Training Supplementation Protocol

What Happens During Weight Training?

Intra-training includes the period from the beginning of physical activity to the end. Intense training (intensity of effort, not loading) increases the degradation of BCAA branched chain amino acids , we also use our glycogen stores to fill the ATP deposits that are emptied by intense physical activity.

Our body will “destroy” muscle fibers to get BCAAs and transform them into energy, this will happen if we do not provide nutrients for them to use as fuel. In aerobic resistance activities (cardiovascular exercise) depending on the intensity of the same varies the sources that we use to obtain energy. But because fat intake is virtually unviable during intra-workout, it is obvious that we will have to restrict intake to carbohydrates and protein. The intra workout supplements has its own role in having a good health.

What Is The Goal Of Intratraining?

Keep our performance to the maximum and reduce the damage that the training in the body produces . But how can we maintain performance? Providing a constant flow of nutrients to the body without decreasing the performance by the intake of them. When we ingest carbohydrates, proteins or fats our body releases insulin.

As you know an excess of insulin can produce hypoglycemia, this would reduce our performance very drastically so we have to avoid a high secretion of insulin. If we ingest nutrients that need to be digested, our body will send blood to the stomach to carry out the digestion. This could make us sick to stomach and obviously decrease performance by not having all the blood available to the muscles.

Before we have commented that fat intake is practically unviable, this is because it delays gastric emptying. Gastric emptying is the passage of food from the stomach to the intestine. When the nutrients pass into the intestine it is because they are ready to be digested and absorbed. So taking fats could slow down the rate at which other nutrients such as carbohydrates or proteins pass into the intestine. With the fats discarded we have the carbohydrates and proteins, we can only find which meet the two requirements we are looking for.


We start with carbohydrates, as the subject matter of this article is based on recommendations about the use of supplements we do not want to dwell on too much explaining how we absorb and use carbohydrates. We will have to take into account two factors:

  1. The amount of insulin that releases the carbohydrate
  2. The osmolality carbohydrate

To increase our performance we need a prolonged supply of carbohydrates trying to make insulin levels as stable as possible. How can we do this? The best option would be to take a low osmolarity carbohydrate and need to be digested. Another less advisable option is to take carbohydrates that do not need to be digested in small doses throughout the training, less advisable by the insulin spikes that this would generate.

We must take into account the limited capacity of our body to use carbohydrates, if we use a single source at most we oxidize 60gr / h, and when mixing sources we can reach up to 105gr / h. So it is obvious that mixing carbohydrate sources helps our body to use a greater amount. A carbohydrate that perfectly meets these premises are the cyclodextrins .

Also Of Vital Importance Is The Amount Of Water We Use To Dilute Carbohydrates:

In sports of high intensity and short duration is more important the contribution of carbohydrates but in sports of long duration and low intensity is more important the contribution of fluids and electrolytes. For intense training and short duration it is recommended a 6-8% concentration of carbohydrates, ie about 60-80gr per liter. The amount of carbohydrate in this activity will depend on the volume of our training, as a reference we can take 5 grams of carbohydrates for 2 sets of 30-45 “of a multi-articular exercise.

In activities of low intensity and long duration we must increase the amount of fluids to minimize the loss of weight by sweating, in this type of activities we recommend about 78gr / h of carbohydrate mixture.


Adding protein to our intra-workout nutrition can reduce fatigue, reduce muscle damage, and improve fitness for exercise. But what types of protein should we use? It is essential that we use a type of protein that does not need digestion to avoid problems of stomach discomfort. So our choices are reduced to hydrolyzed protein or free amino acids.

The hydrolyzed protein has been partially digested and depending on the degree of hydrolysis you will need more or less digestion. There are many brands that only name the protein is hydrolyzed, but give no data on the degree of hydrolysis or its average molecular weight. Usually we should be wary of these products and look for products if we know the information.

The easiest is to resort to patented products such as PeptoPro® , this protein from casein has a degree of hydrolysis of 28% and an average molecular weight of 250 daltons. This means that most of their proteins are in the form of di / tri-peptides and our body can absorb them without digesting them. Free amino acids do not need digestion but use another route to be absorbed so they take longer than di / tri-peptides.

There is a fundamental difference between free amino acids and protein peptides: during exercise only peptides are able to stimulate protein synthesis , so these will be our first choice.

Where To Buy Extenze?

During my medical practice as a sexologist I meet many men looking for reliable Extenze resellers! After all these Extenze commercials on Television and comments from a large number of male doctors and celebrities, many men have understood that Extenze can really boost their manhood to new limits.

Professional research studies have shown great results of Extenze, several medical professionals are suggesting it, but not all doctors could suggest where to buy Extenze, where to buy Initial Extenze and where to buy it at the most effective rate.

Extenze is a terrific tablet for males that works effectively to increase the size and also circumference of the penis. It is even more effective than using weights, surgeries or pumps of the penis. In fact it has no side effects since it has a natural herbal proprietary blend. Just a small pill will do wonders.

Extenze pills work by increasing blood flow to erectile compartments. This in turn makes the magazines larger and over time, the penis becomes larger and longer. This will make women not stop looking, in fact women are exited by a large and vigorous penis, no matter what people say, because they know that a large penis can fully satisfy.

When you buy Extenze for men you can control your erections and you can come as many times as you want. The pills are extremely safe and should be taken once a day as a supplement. The actual effect may vary from person to person, but most men have reported positively after buying Extenze.

There are no reported side effects of Extenze pills however you will be able to consult your doctor before buying the pills. Most men buy Extenze pills for a minimum period of 3 months in order to get maximum results. Although the results are visible within the first month of use.

Can I Take Extenze With Alcohol Or Food?

Yes you can. To get the best results possible, do not drink large amounts of alcohol immediately before or up to 2 hours after drinking.

Male Extra Results

Male ExtraBlend’s one-of-a-kind will certainly help penis enlargement that increases the size of your penis when it occurs, in between 0.8-2.6 inches within 3-6 months. Not only that, the best male enhancement pills will boost your libido, offer you much better control over your erections and provide you with more extreme orgasms.

With the improvement of harder erections and top quality climax there is actually nothing else supplement out there like Male Extra. By simply taking 3 pills a day, the supplement gives your body all the nutrients you should have bigger, a lot more extreme erections, harder erections and orgasms.

Tips To Choose The Best Lounge Chairs For Pool

People in the current modern way of life have taken home or outdoor luxury to a whole new level. Many home owners today have constructed swimming pools in the backyard to help relax with a cold swim in the evening or any time of the day when one feels like. If you have managed to develop one already, then another thing you need to think of is making the swimming experience as lovely as it can. Getting the best pool lounge chairs is an addition you can never forego. The good thing is that you now have access to anything you want due to the many designs and materials used in constructing them each day. You have a variety to choose from, including customized pool lounge chairs.

What Tips To Consider When Buying Pool Lounge Chairs

  • Maintenance And Management

Just like any other furniture, the best pool lounge chairs need to be easy to manage. You need to check out on the material used to make the chairs to withstand the outdoor weathers. Most of such chairs are made from wrought iron or cast aluminum that doesn’t stain easily. Such chairs need simple maintenance like washing them with water and soap only. Other pool lounge chairs are made of teak need more than just washing with water to maintain them. In this case, you will choose the specific pool lounge chairs depending on the time you have to undertake the maintenance process.

  • Custom Cushioning

Apart from maintenance level, you also need to get pool lounge chairs that you can easily personalize with cushions. In order to keep the beauty of the chairs, you need to change the cushions from time to time and getting the lounge chairs that can take different types and designs. Swimming pools are part of the highly maintained home section and redecorating them from time to time is necessary. Lounge chairs that are flexible to redecoration will be the right choice in such a case.

  • Budget

It is normal that no matter the quality of any pool lounge chair, the cost will always be a factor to consider. You need to have a budget around which you will be considering the best pool lounge chairs. Besides finding the cheaper lounge chairs, you also need to consider comparing one pool lounge chair store to another to determine the difference in cost for same chairs and materials. You will definitely have to settle on the cheapest pool lounge chairs that you think can offer the best luxury around the pool area. Though, you also need to ensure that low costs don’t compromise on the quality of chairs. Discounts by the dealers in the pool lounge chairs need to be considered such that you get the best deal ever.

Finding the right pool lounge chairs for your outdoor activities around the pool is a tedious process. However, following these tips to choose the best pool lounge chairs, you can easily find the right outdoor chair that will enhance your luxury at a relatively low cost.

Working with Lighting Elements while Applying Picture Retouching Elements

Image retouching can be used to create a variety of effects for your image. In most cases, this will be used to enhance the natural elements of the photograph. Excessive retouching can make your photo feel artificial and will call attention the fact that it is not original. Take care to save different versions of cheap photo booth hire melbourne your image throughout the editing process so you can return to an earlier stage if your retouching appears to have gone too far.

Most picture retouching steps are performed to adjust lighting elements that were incorrectly applied when the photograph was taken. In order to make these elements look authentic, shadows and lighter areas should be adjusted separately. Use clipping paths to redefine edges along natural elements in the image. Then lighten bright areas and darken shadows to enhance the contrast between different areas of the image. Use a blending tool to soften these edges once you are finished so they do not feel disjointed.

Lighting that is provided from the sun should not be edited the same way you would address studio lighting. You must use warm tones in your editing software to preserve the original look of the photograph. If the photo was taken during sunrise or sunset, the range of light across the image must be preserved. Create a layer with a high level of transparency to add additional color and brightness to the image without losing the details associated with the rest of the photograph.

Elements such as hair, leaves or fur will need to be adjusted carefully so that photographic imperfections are removed but natural imperfections are preserved. Use small brushes to draw out individual strands. Take your time working with small sections so you can quickly delete portions that begin to look smudged. If you will be editing a large portion of the image, consider breaking it up into different layers so it is easy to compare the sections you have edited to the original.

Whether you would like to add more color or strip a photograph to black and white, these elements must be applied with care. Most picture retouching programs come with a tool which will allow you to add a color film to your image. Instead of using these buttons, add a new layer and put the edited color palate in by hand. This will allow you to preserve your original image so you can consult it for reference on brightness levels. Color films cannot be adjusted to add tone to shadows or brightness levels, which can result in your photo effect looking artificial.

Advice on Web Hosting

Basically, you need a domain name and web hosting plan to launch your site. Domain name is basically the internet address of your website or blog. For example (2-design-a-website) is the domain name video production of this website and your Web Host is the company that houses your website and make it visible on the internet.

So, if you need to see things started you must have these two things. Have you registered your domain and got a reliable hosting plan, if your answer is no then I have a good news for you.

But before we do that let ‘s quickly review the following aspects of domain name:

Remember the following tips;

Your domain name should be very clear, short and as succinct as possible.
It should be easy to remember .
It does not necessarily have to include the name of your business
It is your responsibility to choose a good name that help your site to become successful.
Choosing a web hosting has not always been easy. I must say most of the information available concerning opening them is misleading. I personally recommend website because their service is efficient, reliable and relatively cheaper.

Well, it is advisable to design your website even before you look for hosting. You can do this by down loading free templates online to setup your site. If you so wish, you can go for free blogs online and design your website just to have a clear picture of the whole business. This, will save you making costly mistakes in the future.

It is equally important to decide on specific domain name early enough and register it because at the end of the day you may be disappointed to find that the first name of your choice has been taken by someone. This is pretty possible because domain names are being snapped up every single day.


As soon as you purchased/registered your domain name you just log in to your domain account and change over the nameservers. Your domain name will instantly point to your hosting account. But if your domain was registered in your web hosting company, then you don’t have to change your nameservers because they are automatically set by default.

If you need a static website then you may have to use software such as Dreamweaver to design your website. You can upload your files through FTP. Alternatively, you can install automatic software such as WordPress to instantly build your website. For people with no background knowledge in HTML and CSS this is a great option.

Remember the most important aspect of your website is its design and the organization of its contents because this is what your audience interact with. And of course, you will be successful only you know how to promote your site after designing and publishing it.

5 Mistakes You Should avoid When Choosing a Web Host
Before you choose a web hosting provider for a successful online presence, you must avoid five mistakes that many people make nowadays. They make these mistakes either consciously or unconsciously, and it has led to bad experiences for them. No matter the type of website you want to float or the type of hosting service you desire, if you make any of these mistakes, you would be better off without a web presence.

1. Don’t be in a haste to pick a provider: Never be in a haste to choose a provider among short-listed ones. You need to carry out an elaborate research into their past activities so that you will be able to identify the one that can actually give you the best service. It is indeed important to take your time because changing from one host to another is not so easy. In fact, some web hosts will deliberately delay your movement to another host because they don’t want to lose customers.

2. Don’t forget to carry out a BBB check: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organisation that rates companies based on customers’ complaints and the rapidity at which these complaints are resolved. Hence, never forget to conduct a BBB check on your short-listed web hosts in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. A service provider with a good BBB rating is probably going to give you a reliable service.

3. Don’t forget to ask questions: Before you take up a hosting account, you should ask your potential host so many pertinent questions. If it has an FAQ section, visit it and if there are more questions that are not yet answered, don’t hesitate to ask. Every serious-minded host will be ready to answer any question you might put up. Remember that the best time to ask questions is before you sign up for a hosting account. As soon as you sign up, there wouldn’t be much room for so many questions because, at that time, you would be grappling with traffic generation for your new site.

4. Don’t forget to investigate customer support: You should be able to get a reasonable amount of confidence from the customer support department of a web host. To achieve this, you should make contacts at different periods of the day to ascertain its promptness. You wouldn’t want a web host that will not be your reliable partner while the hosting contract lasts. Consequently, you must ensure that you are satisfied with the level of customer service before sign-up.

5. Don’t forget to request for a money-back guarantee: If a web hosting company cannot give you a money-back guarantee for at least thirty days, you shouldn’t give it a second thought. This is because the company is not sure of the quality of its service. So, before you make that decision on which company will host your website, you should endeavour not to make any costly mistake.

How A Bathroom Renovation Became Much More

So you know how we’re fixing up our house and the current project is bathroom renovations? Well, here’s an update on the progress and how our bathroom renovations turned into so much more. Did we bite off more than we can chew?

Not really. But, it is a bigger project than I had planned on. The bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and pantry have been taken over by sheetrock dust. This stuff is really annoying, as it goes everywhere. Thankfully we have a plastic sheet we can put on top of our bed to at least save the bed from the evil white stuff.

So how did the project snowball? The entrance to the bathroom used to be in the master bedroom. Basically you had to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom. When we have a roommate, or guests over, this can become a very awkward setup, especially at 2am when everyone’s asleep. In conclusion, there needed to be a new entrance to the bathroom. The best spot for this new entrance is in the pantry area by the kitchen.

So, we created a new entrance to the bathroom by busting through the walls of our old walk-in closet. Now we have no closet in the master bedroom. But, wait! We can build some walls in this corner here and get a proper bedroom closet. So that’s what we’re doing.

Now there’s sheetrock dust all over, and our clothes from the closet are in piles surrounding our bed as there is no where else to put them.

We also replaced the bathtub, and the bathroom subfloor around the toilet. Might as well lay new tile on the floor while we’re at it. We need new tile in the kitchen, too. Might as well buy enough tile to do the kitchen floor. Well, the house is a mess, so might as well finish the kithen floor, too. And so on, etc.

This is our conversations with my dad, the renovation expert, and my husband. I’m the resident architect, and let’s just say that this project has no plans, drawings, or concept. Just a will to make things more accessible, look a bit nicer, stay cheap, and get it done.

I apologize for not having drawings so you can see the layout of our bathroom. It would make it easier to follow along. I have every intention of doing this, and creating a Sketchup model of our house, but things moved quickly. Plans were not necessary, and I’m simply a busy girl! Hopefully, I will have a proper set of presentation drawings and images that lay out the space a little better for you. For now, you’ll just have to live with the pictures and this video I did.