Bow Window Should Be Made The Focal Point Of Living Room

We would like to refurbish our living room. While we do plan to buy virtually all new furniture, we’d like to keep a pair of curved floral loveseats and a dark wood chest of drawers only a few years old. Basically, we’d like to increase the seating capacity to eight, and provide for our extensive collection of books. We’d like to create an arrangement that is both cozy and takes advantage of the room’s two major focal points: the window, with its lovely country view, and fireplace, which we use often for house renovations melbourne tips you can visit or look samples on the internet.

Clearly, the most outstanding architectural feature in your living room is the large 3.9-metre (13-foot) bow window. A successful interior design in this room will integrate this feature without overwhelming it.

An element like the window will be best emphasized by establishing it as a focal point. Because you have two curved loveseats, whose shape roughly matches that of the window, place them opposite the window so their curves repeat the elegant shape.

Centred in the window area, place a large 3-metre (9-foot) three- seat sofa, and beside it a wing or tub chair to give you the desired capacity, creating an elegant round furniture arrangement.

The sofa should be in a style to match the existing loveseats. Though not necessarily curved, this new sofa might feature a rounded design, such as a camel back or circular back cushions.

An arrangement such as this one will give you an attractive and simple conversation area without obstructing traffic flow through the living room and to the dining room and adjoining kitchen.

In order to create a sense of unity in the space, a 3- by 3.7- metre (9- by 12-foot) area rug could be used in the seating area.
I think building bookshelves on each side of the window would be a great idea because they would draw attention to the windowed wall. Shelves should be built to match the height of the window, from the floor to the point where the window ends near the ceiling line.

Obviously, you will need to create a color scheme that will play off the existing colors of the floral loveseats.
The full-sized sofa should be a solid tone, perhaps emphasizing the main color of the existing pattern. The new occasional chair should also be a solid tone, but might match a secondary color of the floral design.
Your new end and coffee tables, as well as the built-in shelving units, might be a dark, rich wood like mahogany or oak.

Changing fireplaces

How can I update a fireplace with a raised hearth and firebox (the kind that was popular in the 60s)? Presumably, lowering the firebox is a mammoth undertaking, but I hate the way the fireplace looks. I am willing to make major changes such as a new mantel, front cladding or doors.

I would strongly recommend that you get in touch with a fireplace manufacturer or installer because I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little a whole new fireplace can be.
As you already have the inner workings in place (the chimney, dampers, etc.), you really only need the “esthetic” portion – a new mantel, tile and fire-brick work and doors, if you choose to use them, and these usually represent only a small portion of the cost of a fireplace.