The Things You Need To Know About Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Do you feel pain in your lower back? aged care services Do you feel numbness and weakness on your legs? If your answers to these questions are yes, it can be that you are suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis.

Lumbar spinal stenosis or spinal stenosis is a condition in the spinal canal. When the spinal canal wherein the spinal nerves pass through gets narrow, the spinal nerves can be compressed. This compression in the spinal nerves can then lead to pain which is now the symptom of this condition.

Lumbar spinal stenosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Lumbar spinal stenosis can be a symptom of a certain condition. There are a number of conditions that causes the compression of the spinal nerves in the spinal canals. One of the most common causes of lumbar spinal stenosis is degenerative arthritis. As we grow older, our spine can degenerate and can lead to arthritis in the spine which can also lead to lumbar spinal stenosis and other conditions that can be caused by arthritis. Patients with lumbar spinal stenosis may also get the condition from having a tumor, an infection or a metabolic bone disorder such as the Paget’s disease.

The lumbar spinal stenosis symptoms occur in the back area, particularly in the lower back. You may feel mild to severe pain in the lower back down to your legs with numbness and weakness. You may loss sensation in your legs and would be losing your balance as you can’t feel anything on it. You may also feel as if those parts are pinched by needles and pins. If these symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis occur in you, treatments are must.

Before you get a treatment, it would be better if you could have a diagnosis first. Going to the doctor to get a clear diagnosis of your condition can be very helpful in getting the right treatment for your lumbar spinal stenosis. You can be diagnosed through X-RAY, MRI scan, EMG and CT scan. After you have been diagnosed, you can now have a lumbar spinal stenosis treatment plan with doctor. Usually, the lumbar spinal stenosis treatment plan starts with taking medications. You can take pain relievers such as NSAIDs or you may also get costisone injections. These medications can reduce the inflammation that is happening in your spine that can lead to alleviation of pain. But, if you have been taking medications for quite some time and your condition still did not better, you may get a more intense treatment for your symptoms. A lumbar spinal stenosis surgery can be your only resort when things get worse. If you are already suffering from bowel movement problems as a symptom of lumbar spinal stenosis, it can be caused by cauda equine syndrome and you might be a good candidate for a surgery. There are different types of surgery for this condition, so you should be working with your doctor to know which type of surgery can be good for you.

Lumbar spinal stenosis can be caused by a serious condition. If you ever feel the symptoms of it in you, you should go to the doctor right away and have that checked, so you can prevent it from getting worse.

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